During video conferencing meetings, participants can communicate via text chat, enhancing interaction and collaboration in several ways:
Public Chat: Participants can send messages visible to everyone in the meeting. Public chat facilitates group discussions, allows for sharing information like URLs or meeting notes, and encourages engagement among all attendees.
Private Messaging: Users have the option to send private messages to specific individuals within the meeting. This feature enables discreet conversations, one-on-one interactions for queries or side discussions, and coordination without interrupting the main conversation.
Functional Use: Chat messages can be utilized for asking questions to presenters, providing feedback on presentations or discussions, sharing relevant documents or resources, and communicating non-verbally when audio or video communication may not be feasible.
In summary, text chat functionalities in video conferencing platforms offer participants a versatile means to communicate effectively, fostering engagement, facilitating information exchange, and supporting collaborative efforts during meetings.

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