Video conferencing services facilitate meetings with multiple participants, catering to a wide range of scenarios from small team meetings to large webinars or conferences. Here's a brief overview:
Scalability: Services can accommodate varying numbers of participants, from a handful to hundreds or even thousands, depending on the platform's capabilities and pricing plan.
Participant Limits: Many services impose participant limits based on their pricing plans. For instance, basic plans may support smaller groups, while premium plans allow for larger meetings or webinars with extensive features like breakout rooms, recording capabilities, and enhanced participant management.
Features for Large Meetings: Platforms designed for larger gatherings often include tools such as attendee management, Q&A sessions, polling, and live streaming options to engage a broader audience effectively.
Security and Stability: To ensure a smooth experience, video conferencing services maintain robust infrastructure to handle high participant volumes securely. They may also offer features like host controls, attendee authentication, and encryption to safeguard meetings.
In summary, video conferencing services cater to meetings of varying sizes, providing scalability and features tailored to accommodate everything from intimate team discussions to large-scale webinars or conferences, with participant limits often determined by the chosen pricing plan.

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